Scout Picks: GW12

A tricky Gameweek 12 awaits, as Malmö, Häcken, Hammarby, and Elfsborg all played European games in midweek. That, coupled with the looming blank in Gameweek 13 that sees Malmö and Elfsborg miss out on the action completely, means there are many factors to consider, making it even more important that Fantasy read up on the latest team news ahead of the GW12 deadline.

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Malkolm Nilsson Säfqvist 4.9m

Halmstad’s Malkolm Nilsson Säfqvist is having a superb season, just one point behind Tim Rönning in the goalkeeping charts. 3 clean sheets in 11 attempts have been complemented with 1 assist, 1 offensive bonus and 18 defensive bonus points, and away to Östersund there are plenty of opportunities to build upon that solid start to the campaign.


Björn Paulsen 6.5m

Straight into the starting lineup for Hammarby as most expected, Björn Paulsen slotted in at right back in Gameweek 11, but his positional versatility could see him deployed in almost any position on the field, bar goalkeeper. While he is most likely to play either centre back or right back, his 13 goals and 9 assists in 65 appearances for Hammarby during his last session with the club demonstrates huge potential for attacking returns, which he showed hints of in Gameweek 11.

Aslak Fonn Witry 8.7m

A disappointing home game against Sirius in Gameweek 11 aside, Aslak Fonn Witry continues to rack up points. With 4 goals, 1 assist, 10 offensive and 10 defensive bonus points gathered on the season, Witry tops the overall points charts. Away to Kalmar, he will look to continue on that note and perhaps even answer some of the questions surrounding his potential for points away from home.

Oscar Wendt 7.0m

Oscar Wendt had an eventful debut at home to Mjällby, conceding twice but recording 1 offensive and 1 defensive bonus point, just shy of an additional offensive bonus. Taking some set pieces and in general displaying a penchant for contributing to Göteborg’s attack, Wendt could be one to monitor going forward. This Gameweek he faces a springy Varberg side who rarely fail to score, which means Göteborg and Wendt might need to slot a few in themselves if they are to travel back home with all three points in the bag.


Tashreeq Matthews 5.0m

Speaking of Varberg and their attacking output so far, Tashreeq Matthews has now scored 3 goals and 1 assist in his 5 last games for the club. One of few players seemingly “nailed on” in the rotation prone Varberg side, Matthews will be looking to impress the home crowd against Göteborg in Gameweek 12.

Magnus Eriksson 9.4m

The only one taking up the challenge for the top spot in the overall charts with Aslak Fonn Witry is teammate Magnus Eriksson, currently trailing the right back by 9 points. As stable as they come, Eriksson has recorded at least 4 points in every game bar Gameweek 1 away to Elfsborg. With 2 goals and 2 assists in the 3 games since the league started up again, Eriksson is in fantastic form and Kalmar could struggle to contain the industrious midfielder.

Edward Chilufya 7.1m

Edward Chilufya has also been enjoying strong form, scoring once and assisting twice in his 3 last games. Sometimes found drifting in and out of games during the first part of the season, Chilufya still represents a big threat for Djurgården and, if he can keep the momentum up, there should be more points to be had.

Anders Christiansen 12.3m

Anders Christiansen is the most expensive player in the game by a large margin, for good reason. His 3 goals, 6 assists, 11 offensive and 4 defensive bonus points are arguably a bit of an underachievement given how dangerous he has looked, and that is all in just 7 full games played. The caveat here for potential buyers lies in the fact that not only is Christiansen one yellow card away from a suspension but Gameweek 13 is a blank week for Malmö, meaning they will have no fixture.


Christian Kouakou 5.9m

Christian Kouakou has 4 goals in his 5 last games and is starting to really provide fantasy managers and Sirius with some good value. At home to Degerfors who have now conceded 10 goals in the last 2 games, Kouakou could prosper.

Victor Edvardsen 6.8m

On the other side of the pitch Victor Edvardsen will line up, with his 4 goals and 2 assists in his 5 last games. Sirius themselves have conceded 9 goals in their 2 last games and will be sweating over the fitness of regular custodian David Mitov Nilsson, who they will hope come back to provide stability, which was nowhere to be seen in Gameweek 11 away to Djurgården.

Kolbeinn Sigthorsson 6.9m

Assuming he can continue to play well alongside Marcus Berg, Kolbeinn Sigthorsson could provide us with a significantly cheaper Göteborg forward option. Much maligned during his period at AIK, Sigthorsson has showed glimpses of his potential at Göteborg, but has really kicked off in the last 2 games where he has scored 2 goals and 2 assists.

Captain Pick

Every week in the Scout Picks, a captain is selected from the 11 chosen players. The Captain Pick is meant to give some guidance into who has the biggest potential for points this Gameweek and who looks relatively safe, according to the Scout.

This Gameweek the Captain Pick is Magnus Eriksson, who is in spectacular form since the restart, with 31 points gathered in his 3 last games.

Svenska Cupens gruppspel lottat

5 dec 2021
Under söndagen genomfördes lottningen till Svenska Cupens gruppspel, där bland andra regerande cupmästarna Hammarby ställs mot BK Häcken.

Bilder: Malmö FF svenska mästare 2021

4 dec 2021
Malmö FF säkrade sitt 22:a SM-tecken efter 0–0 mot Halmstads BK i den sista omgången av Allsvenskan 2021.

Malmö FF mästare för 22:a gången

4 dec 2021
Oavgjort hemma mot Halmstads BK räckte – Malmö FF är svenska mästare 2021.

Bartosz Grzelak är Månadens Tränare i november

4 dec 2021
AIK avslutar säsongen starkast av alla. Som ett resultat av det finns man med i guldjakten ända in i det sista. Bartosz Grzelak är Månadens Tränare i Allsvenskan i november.

Nabil Bahoui är Månadens Spelare i november

4 dec 2021
Med sina viktiga mål har han sett till att gulddrömmen lever in i det sista för AIK. Nabil Bahoui är Månadens Spelare i Allsvenskan i november.

De här kan vinna på Allsvenskans Stora Pris

3 dec 2021
Allsvenskan 2021 är i det närmaste färdigspelad och juryn har sagt sitt. Här är de spelare och ledare som gjort störst intryck under säsongen. Här är de som kan utses som bäst i Allsvenskan 2021.

De kan bli Månadens Spelare och Tränare i november

1 dec 2021
Tre offensiva mittfältare, två topptränare och en fortsatt högpresterande Joakim Persson på Varbergs BoIS-bänken – här är de nominerade till Månadens Spelare och Tränare i Allsvenskan i november.

Januaritruppen uttagen

1 dec 2021
20 spelare från Allsvenskan är uttagna i Janne Anderssons landslag till januariturnén i Portugal.

AIK vände och höll liv i guldstriden

29 nov 2021
AIK tog tre poäng i Borås och såg till att det blir kamp om guldet i den sista omgången av Allsvenskan. Samtidigt vann Sirius mot Häcken och Mjällby och Örebro kryssade på Strandvallen.

Varberg snuvade Djurgården på poäng i guldstriden

28 nov 2021
På Tele2 Arena satte Varberg BoIS käppar i hjulet för guldjagande DIF, samtidigt tog Degerfors tre blytunga poäng i kampen runt kvalstrecket. På Gamla Ullevi blev Marcus Berg tvåmålsskytt när IFK Göteborg vann en bekväm seger mot nedflyttningsklara ÖFK. MFF tar ytterligare ett stort kliv mot guldet efter vinst mot Kalmar FF medan Halmstad och Bajen delade på poängen.

Oktober månads vinstpengar från Månadens spelare och tränare

24 nov 2021
Varje månad skänker elitfotbollens huvudpartner Unibet 10 000 kronor till vardera vinnare av Månadens spelare och Månadens tränare i Allsvenskan och Superettan, att skänka till valfritt samhällsengagemang i sin klubb. I oktober går pengarna till följande engagemang.

Bara kryss för MFF – blir sist i gruppen

23 nov 2021
Malmö FF gjorde sitt första mål i årets Champions League och tog sin första poäng. Men 1–1 hemma mot Zenit gör att skåningarna kommer sluta sist i gruppen.